Friday, December 3, 2010

Fiesty Friday! Brought to you by Vicodin.

Things are going well.  Tsarina brought me the mostly lovely bouquet (albeit slightly squished, but still wonderful).  I'm all healed now, and I think I may have seen the nurse from the Harry Potter books at one point in time, but it's been quite an exciting couple weeks.  Lucy bought me an Etch-A-Sketch, that minx.

Be safe out there this weekend!  The bout of Sass is on it's way out, but it might be lingering in a corner if you aren't prepared.

Not to Worry

We know you all were terribly worried at our absence, and we are glad you missed us. Do not be alarmed, however, we were merely unwell for a short period of time. We had a sudden attack of sass, you see. It came out of nowhere and just hit us like a truck, or a large quadruped. Quite dreadful, as we were only capable of lying about, quipping at everyone and everything. Luckily, there were no foreign dignitaries visiting, therefore my realm did not suffer because of my unwellness.

Fare thee well for another week,

Supreme BitchQueen of the Universe, Femnazi Extraordinairre.