Supreme BitchQueen of the Universe

Jenna, Supreme BitchQueen of the Universe and Femnazi Extraordinaire:

      Hello and welcome.  As you can see, and as you all ought to know in the core of your being, I am Jenna, Supreme BitchQueen of the Universe and Femnazi Extraordinaire, but you can call me Your Majesty, or just Supremeness.  I'll even answer to BitchQueen.  I came by my coronation and titling at random one day, at the hands of a dear friend.  I took that tiara and never looked back.  Not only am I the BitchQueen, and rule with an velvet-gloved iron fist (a very lovely and fashionable velvet glove) I am also Queen over all Bitches.  If you find yourself feeling snappy one day, congratulations you are my newest subject.  I preside over all sassery, smartassery, and brutal honesty, and I am a damn fine mixer of adult beverages.  
      Being a bitch isn't always about being mean.  Sometimes it's about being tough enough to say the truth, even if it hurts.  I love my Cabinet of Advisers, also known as my Corset Mafia, but don't tell them that.  They do better work if they think their lives are at stake.  Mmmmm steak . . ..  Every Thursday, I will update you on my thoughts on ruling, the gritty details of being me, and what goes on in my universe.  Because hey, it's your universe, too!  Looking forward to bitching you out, and hearing your bitches in turn, 

Peace, ho.