Padisha Boom-Boom

Padisha Boom-Boom Katie of Yarnia, Keeper of the Sacred Yarn Ball and Friend to Cats:

Hi, I'm Padisha Boom-Boom.  Some call me Padisha.  Some call me Padisha Boom-Boom.

As my title insinuates, I'm constantly knitting, and constantly acting as peace keeper between the cats in the land and everyone else.  It's surprisingly time consuming.

I am subordinate to Tsarina Dinosauress, which may sound like quite the task, but it's rather nice being the hand servant to a dinosaur.  "Hand" servant being quite literal, as she need help picking things up quite often.  And this year is a new record, she's only stepped on 27 cats!

As to her Supremeness, she's a pretty good ruler.  She allows me to speak sometimes in her presence, and often buys donuts for breakfast.