Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Which Her Imperial Awesomeness is Accepting Applications

Dearly beloved subjects, we are here today to join you together with the knowledge that we are feeling our solitude a bit keenly. Therefore, we are searching for a consort! We have all the typical criteria: attractive, healthy, not brainwashed to assassinate us in our sleep, quick-witted, intelligent, and possessed of no ambition whatsoever. We want a man that looks pretty, talks nice, doesn't get all stabby with the knives at dinner, and will not attempt to take our throne. If you or anyone you know fits the profile, contact us! We will conduct interviews, and contrary to earlier such searches, we will not execute unworthy applicants. What can we say, we are feeling saucy.

Sincerely, Supreme BitchQueen of the Universe, Femnazi Extraordinairre, Gracious Tyrant, Wildcat in the bedroom, etc. etc.

1 comment:

  1. No executions this time? I guess I'll leave my weapons at home.