Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Which Her Gracious Majesty Separates The Combatants

We arrived in time to hear what could be the start of a disturbance between our most honorable Duchess of Adorable Puppy Eyes and our celebrated Padisha Boom Boom, Friend To Cats. While we understand that we must have diversity in our Corset Mafia, and furthermore we understand that our Duchess of Puppy Eyes cannot always control the facets of her, shall we say, animal nature, and our Friend To Cats is marked by her affection for the very creatures the Duchess is instinctively against, we must have peace. We cannot bring peace to our peoples if we have not peace within our own house. We are, therefore, calling for a preemptive cease-fire on the possible hostilities that may or may not arise. That is an official order.


  1. Lucy would like to remind you that she has every right to dislike Fyodor Mushnose. She has nothing against Cinnamon.

  2. Cinnamon cordially thanks Lucy. He was a little upset that perhaps something had changed between him and Lucy since that time they hung out at the bar together and became smashing friends. Also, he hopes they can go back out sometime soon. He didn't say why, but I have the sneaking suspicion it's to talk about me behind my back.