Monday, October 18, 2010

Muttday: An introduction to the shortage of Snacks and Bellyrubs

Fur-st of all let me welcome you to Muttday. The best day of the week in my furry little opinion.
Perhaps I should start by introducing myself. My name is Lucy. I am the Korean Ambassador to this corset mafia as well as the Director of Bellyrubs and Duchess of Adorable Puppy Eyes. It’s ever so nice to meet you.
First order of the day: Do you have a dog? If not, why not? Hmmm? We’re wonderful roommates and frankly, we are too stinkin’ cute for our own good! Go get a doggy roommate now!
If you already have a doggy roommate, let us discuss the shortage of both snacks and bellyrubs:
1. Snacks. We poor pooches do not have opposable thumbs, we cannot open the jars or other containers you keep our biscuits in. Please rectify this problem by keeping them in a bowl on the floor near our food dish. It will be most appreciated. Also, feed us more hoomin food.
2. Bellyrubs. This point is in direct correlation with point one. If we do not have more snacks, how can we have full little bellies for you to rub. Also, you should rub always. We don’t like when we have to pat you to make you continue. It’s only a common courtesy.
More doggy knowledge next week
~ Lucy, Korean Ambassador, Director of Bellyrubs and Duchess of Adorable Puppy Eyes.