Friday, October 29, 2010

No apology necessary.

If we were a person of lesser importance, we would apologize for not posting on our designated day. But we are not that person so you can just shush and meditate on our awesomeness while you wait for words like pearls to drop from our lips. Except then you would wonder why we had a mouthful of pearls in the first place, and why we would attempt to speak with a mouthful of hardened oyster mucous, and would the pearls not be coated in our royal saliva and therefore be rendered drippy and sticky and disgusting? And after all this ruminating, yours on our pearl conundrum, and ours on . . .well, pearls in our royal mouth, you would forget what we had tried to tell you while we had said mouthful of pearls, and we would therefore be upset at your dreadful display of distraction whilst WE were talking. So we are not going to say anything. Because you were very rude to us. But we are forgiving, and perhaps by next week we would be willing to speak to you again.

Until then, we remain,
Jenna, Supreme BitchQueen of the Universe and Femnazi Extraordinaire.

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